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Dr. Chow Awarded UNCG New Faculty Grant

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chow_041309LIS Department faculty member Anthony Chow, in his first official year as a tenure-track Assistant Professor, was awarded a New Faculty Grant in the amount of $4,720.00. His one year study entitled To fine or not to fine: is punishment or reinforcement a stronger motivator for library patrons will examine the effects of positive reinforcement on patron behavior in terms of turning in library resources in on time. The study will use quasi-experimental design to compare new patrons who receive positive reinforcement only, those who receive both positive reinforcement and punishment, with a third group that only receives the library’s traditional fine for overdue items.

Says Dr. Chow, “This is really a study about both organizational management and general usability of library resources. The compelling question is could positive reinforcement both increase instances when library resources are turned in on-time as well as change the general relationship between patron and library in a more positive, collaborative fashion?”  Thanks to Dr. Chow’s innovative study, UNCG’s LIS department is going to help investigate answers to this intriguing question.

If you would like to blog on this question, please visit that Dr. Chow has set up to discuss the topic as he progresses through his study.


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